Gamma Technology Digital Speedo Review


In my quest to find the perfect speedo I’ve been on a journey that has seen the standard, the copy, the MB, SIP, Trailtech and even a Garmin 305 on the headset of my Lambrettas. All have had their turn. Some with more success than others, some with no more worth than to fill a hole in the headset.

So, moving on to 2016. I’m almost resigned to going back to a stock speedo with the wavy needle. I had seen the Gamma Technology speedo on social media but first impressions I wasn’t sure. so I decided to investigate further. Fast forward a couple weeks and after studying the Gamma Technology website and reviews on forums I went ahead and ordered the RTSE1000.

Anthony Tambs is the man who does the electrical wizardry. He answers the questions and is happy to help.


Installation is easy. The one thing you might want to order with the speedo if you plan to fit it on the headset is a speedo blanking plate to fit the speedo. I made my own. I also fitted a grommet and some black mastic to fill te whole in the blanking plate to help keep any water and dirt out.


The EGT wire has a threaded end. So the hole I already had in the exhaust was tapped out and bolted on 100mm from the piston skirt. I used the spark plug connector for the CHT guage. I could have used the fixings to tap into a fin, but chose not to. The wire for the rev counter was wrapped around the HT lead.

Installing and wiring up is pain free and by far the easiest out of any digital speedo I’ve had. I say this with confidence as someone who has a phobia with electrics. The wires are colour coded, easy. The speed sensor bolts onto the main wheel nut and the magnet is glued with a strong bonding glue like araldite on the hub.


The RTSE1000 has a distance guage which acts as Anthony put’s it a “Pseudo Petrol Guage”. It’s a bar graph that has a distance that can be set to a distance of your choice. The petrol guage I normally use isn’t working at the moment, so this helps.

There are so many customisable options available. From bargraph colours and transition points and transition colours to main diplay. The list is almost endless, but you can use these as little or as much as you like.

It will give peak values of speed, RPM, CHT and EGT. All can be reset with the touch screen see the video below
Accessing Set Up Menu Video Link

The speedo display bargraph colours can be customised. the video below shows the display menu.
Colour settings for RTSE1000 Video Link

Daytime reading of the speedo is excellent with no bother in bright daylight. Nightime riding was no problem at all. Easy to read. You can even have display with auto dimming when you connect the yellow wire with the switched side of the lighting. I have my lights on day and night, so I chose not to use this feature, but the brightness of the day time and night time modes are configurable. This means keeping an eye on temperatures as well as speed is a whole lot better.

(The speedo was angled away from the camera so it doesn’t show how good it really is)
Speedo Daytime Video Link

Speedo at Night Video Link

Accessing speedo set up menu and configuration RTSE1000
Accessing Speedo Set Up Menu Video Link

This is more than a speedo, It’s an engine management tool that is easy to read and use day or night. With this you will be able to see how your engine is performing and watch out for any impending disasters. A responsive touch screen makes sure there’s no push button combinations to get to certain readings. I’m delighted to finally have a speedo that does all the things that I want and more. Daily use will put this through it’s paces and I’ll give an update within the next 12 months.

Anthony has more plans for the Lambretta including new stator plates and external pick up.



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