Thumb Choke & GammaTechnology Speedo

Two great ways to save an engine.

Last week I put the GoPro on to make a short video of Darrell Taylors Thumb Choke & GammaTechnology RTSE1000 Speedo in use and how it can quickly save a potential disaster.

If you watch the EGT temperature gauge on the top right of the speedo,  it begins to rise above 600 C. So to bring the temperature down quicky, the thumb choke is pressed. With a standard Lambretta choke this is all but impossible.




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2 thoughts on “Thumb Choke & GammaTechnology Speedo

  1. I’m just adding to my Monza engine Anthony’s RTSE1000 and Darrell’s thumb choke. Trouble is that i will be doing the same as you, panicking as the temperature rises and flipping the choke. Something I never had to do to date with this engine, just ran and ran it. So is 600F your “mind comfort” cut off point or is there something wrong with your jetting. Only asking as I will be doing same.
    Out of interest, couldn’t wait for Mammoth head, so got an Avanti head for my TS1. Need to fit it this weekend and that will be wired up to SIP Speedo and CHT, so it will be interesting to see how it runs.
    Good look and thanks for the blogs


    1. Hello Paul,

      Thanks for the comments. I’m not settled on my jetting yet, although I just did a 350 mile round trip with no jetting problems although it does get a bit hot around 1/2 to 3/4 throttle. Atomiser/needle to be sorted I presume. Up to 600c I’m fine with, but it usually sits around 500-550c. There as a post on the Lambretta Tuning Page on FB from someone asking about EGT temps. I have found that I’ve got paranoid about temps, when for years I never worried. But it’s another tool to help us keep our Lambrettas running within the parameters we’re given before it goes bang!

      Again, thanks for the comments.


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