Taylor Tuning Lambretta Chaincase Bolt Kit

Chaincase studs have a busy old life. They’re put under stress many times over, they get taken out to make make way for exhaust brackets only to get put back again later. Many threads are wrecked and after a repair it’s that old method of doing a double nut job to fix studs into the casing.It’s not the hardest job to do, but it’s a job I do not like.

Darrell Taylor of Taylor Tuning came up with a far better method. Some time ago he released a Chaincase Stud Kit that comprises of fourteen 6mm studs, two 8mm studs, fourteen M6 nuts, two M8 nuts and wavy washers to match.

But they’re not just studs and nuts! The nuts are flanged and serrated and Nyloc. So there’s far less chance of them coming loose. The best bit is the studs have Allen Key fitment in the end so there’s no need for the double nut palaver.


Taylor Tuning can be found on Facebook Here

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