Scootronics DC CDI Review

Anthony Tambs of Scootronics continues to add to his portfolio of Lambretta electrical hardware and the latest item is a DC CDI.


I spoke to Anthony about its merits.

“It gives a constant spark energy right from tick over to full revs which results in easier starting and much smoother low down power. No LT coil to worry about and it can be used with internal or external pick up. The spark energy is approximately 90 Millijoules output compared to a standard CDI that give out approximately 40 to 60 Millijoules output. The CDI will rev to over 25000 RPM not that you’ll ever get that high”.


Fitting it is easy enough, You need to drill a hole for the single bolt and an exchange of a few wires, but you do need to add a cut-out switch as the CDI will drain the battery. Instructions are included with the CDI.

I put mine on the right hand side rear frame strut and extended the necessary wires required to fit.

After a couple of weeks riding with the new DC CDI, the Lambretta is continuing to start first kick and revs well through the gears.

I’m not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to electrics, but having spent some time with Anthony’s devices for my Lambrettas, I can trust him more than enough and will continue to use his products. He answers questions quickly and understands not everyone is on the same level with electronics.

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