Scootronics Intelli-Converter

Anthony Tambs of Scootronics has evolved and improved his Intelli-Converter into a decent box that will charge two devices at the same time.


The unit works with AC and DC supplies. With AC units it will convert to a DC supply to charge devices.

Not only does the Intelli-Converter charge it solves an ongoing problem experienced by many with SIP Speedometers. As published by Scooter Labs UK. Here’s the link to the page SIP Speedo Solution Article on SLUK.

The Intelli-Converter has a single M5 bolt with a flanged nyloc nut for fixing. I fixed mine into my Legshield toolbox, others have used the standard toolbox location. Dual USB points with rubber cover when not in use to protect the connection points.

It’s size is approximately 12cm X 6.5cm X 4cm

Fitting is really straightforward (I even managed to fit it without asking for Anthony’s help which is an accomplishment for me). The Intelli-Converter comes with simple fitting instructions.

The box has a light which flashes to let you know it’s connected and ready to charge. (Handy to know when you’ve an electrical issue and you’ll know if there’s power getting to the box).

There are comments from some who think it’s comparable to the Mod Charger, but they are not the same. The Mod Charger will charge a device, but that’s where it ends. It doesn’t supply voltage the same way as the Intelli-Converter, which supplies a steady 12 volts.

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