Riding The Western Front



If everything goes to plan. Monday 25th June 2018 I will be boarding the Belfast to Liverpool boat to do myWestern Front Run on my Lambretta, where I’ll be riding to Dover. Then riding from Dunkirk in France up to Nieuwpoort in Belgium and on to Pfetterhouse in France by the border with Switzerland.

This was the Western Front of the First Worl War, home for millions, who for many, would end their lives would end here and today they are still there.

This is my way of remembering all those who played their part in The Great War. Of which my Grandfather was one. Alexander Shaw of The Argyll & Southerland Highlanders. He survived the war but not without scars, physically and Mentally.
I’ll also be stopping at the places the War took my Grandfather too.

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