Ulster Lambretta Club 4 Nations Lisnaskea 2018

The 4 Nations is a yearly event hosted alternatively by the 4 Lambretta clubs of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England. This year it was our turn, the Ulster Lambretta Club. Hosted this time at Lisnaskea, in County Fermanagh. A great part of the country.


I left Friday morning and decided to ride up the M1 from Belfast. I’m rarely on Motorways, I’m not keen on them as I like to use the more scenic A and B roads. The LI was still performing well after the 2,000 mile trip round Europe and so it was given a good blast up the motorway. About fifty miles later I stopped off in Lurgan to see my Mum and Sister. After a cup of tea and a chat, I was soon on my way to Lisnaskea.


Riding the rest of the way to Lisnaskea was uneventful but enjoyable without any issues. Although about the last 20 miles or so it did get cold. The biggest surprise for me arriving at Lisnaskea was not getting lost.

Once I arrived I was greeted by fellow club members and old friends. I was delighted to see my good friends Andy Vass and Simon Collins from the Lambretta Club of Great Britain. More people were arriving during the afternoon and evening. The main reception room was more than big enough to hold the Ulster Lambretta Club stall and signing in desk.


Friday evening started with me and Mark McClurkin tucking into the small supply of red wine and cheese I had brought with me. Later I took the minibus trip from the site into Lisnaskea. The Centre supplied trips back and forth into Lisnaskea for the weekend. Which went down well with all those wanting to head out.

Me Marty Walker and Chris Wilson decided to go to a bar in town which ended being the choice of a lot of Scooterists that night. The highlight of the night for me was listening to Chris talk about the Ulster Lambretta Club back in the 60’s/70’s as he was an original member. He rode up to Lisnaskea on his Model D Lambretta. We got back to the Centre to the bar, with music supplied by Ian Hedges.


On Saturday I awoke with a very fuzzy head and I was in dire need of Coffee. My roommates Mark McClurkin and “Studs” were also worse for wear. The days itinerary included a Rideout up to the Irish border town of Belcoo and then onto Enniskillen for soup and sandwiches. I was asked to take photos of the Rideout which I nervously agreed to. Any responsibility of this kind leaves me stressed and all common sense leaves me!


Just before the Rideout, we got together for an Ulster Lambretta Club members photo. Then I went on ahead to get ready for the Rideout passing so I could get some photographs. The group passed and after technical issues with the camera, I needed to get ahead of the group again which had me riding like a lunatic. I found a spot and took more photographs as the group passed. Again, I had a problem, but there was nothing I could do about it without trying to get ahead of the group. This time I didn’t make it as I got lost and by the time I caught up with the group we had arrived in Enniskillen Castle.


At Enniskillen Castle, I was flustered enough to drop my Nikon DSLR and break the lens. I still had my phone camera which is capable of taking quite good photos. After Soup and Sandwiches, I headed back to the Lisnaskea Site to try and relax.


That night we headed back into Lisnaskea for food and a couple of drinks before going back to the Centre and the bar. The red wine came out again but this time I took it easy.

Sunday morning came with a grumpy realization of having to head to our homes and rejoin the Rat Race. The weather was a bit gloomy with cloud and showers and cooler. After saying my good bye’s I set off back with Marty Walker.


On leaving the Centre the first item for our viewing pleasure was a dead cow in full rigor mortis on the side of the road. A few miles later on some of the worse country roads I’ve ever ridden on there was a mangled car which had exited the road, through a hedge and rolled in a field. The rest of the journey back along some great country roads was trouble free and with a stop at a cafe along the way for tea and a scone, the journey back was complete.


The Lambretta ran really well apart from the failure of a dud spark plug cap. The overriding success of the weekend for me was meeting old friends and making new friends. My voice is hoarse from constantly chattering. An absolutely superb weekend.




7 thoughts on “Ulster Lambretta Club 4 Nations Lisnaskea 2018

  1. great word, photos and weekend, I’m glad somebody else spotted the dead cow on Sunday because I’m sure it wasn’t there on Saturday during the ride-out.


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