Sequential Gear Change for Lambretta

Lambretta development marches on in huge strides. The latest upgrade is something that could receive plaudits from across the Lambretta spectrum.

Known as a sequential gear change, the name of the product is called N°1

Now I’m not very good at explaining things and this may be like trying to explain the offside rule in football.

With normal gear change, you’re moving the gear change to a new position each time you change gear. With Sequential Gearing, you repeat the gear change process from the same gear change position, which returns to the same position each time.

Those who stand to benefit range from racers, to oldies who have developed limited movement of their hands or wrists or those who just want something different.

The benefits include a quicker gear change, no more missed gears and easier gear change for those with 5-speed boxes.

I asked Franzi Muhlbauer of Motorino Diavolo about the Sequential Gear Change called No 1.

What gave you the idea to develop this for the Lambretta?
“Because it works well for the Vespa and I always planned it for all versions of Classic scooters like Vespa small and Large frame and Lambretta”.

Will it fit Series 1, 2 and 3 Lambretta?
“Yes, it will probably fit all Series, we tested it in a Series 2, an early Series 3 and in a GP/DL”.

Will it work with 5 speed motors?
“We do offer a version for 4-Speed and one for 5-Speed”.

These are the product codes for the 4 and 5-speed variants.
MD N ° 1.14 Kit: gearshift for Lambretta 4-speed / spring bushing series 1-3
MD N ° 1.15 Kit: gearshift for Lambretta 5-speed / spring bushing series 1-3

When will it be available?
“Now – ok, we do still have to oil and pack it, but the first batch is available latest Mid October 2018”

How much will it cost?
“249,90€ including VAT without shipping”.

Will there be any UK distributors?
“Not at the moment, you can order it directly or at SIP Scootershop”.

Do you have any other plans for future Lambretta product development?
“Yes, we are almost finished with a master cylinder for disc-brake which is positioned inside the handlebar – for Lambretta and for Vespa PX. It is operated by a push-rod, no cables”.  

Here is a link to their web page Motorino Diavolo. It also has the variants listed for the Lambretta and Vespa versions.

The Motorino Diavolo Facebook page can be found here

A link to the fitting of No1 can be found here

A link to the Sequential gear change in action can be found here

3 thoughts on “Sequential Gear Change for Lambretta

  1. Interesting
    How does it compare with a regular gear-box, pricewise ?
    I think Lambretta og boxes with their one box fits all and variety are top hole. Tough competition.
    Bold move in a small market, I hope all goes well, and bravo for putting the time and effort in.
    Looks well


  2. I was trying to develop a one for the standard lambretta 4 speed and after 3 years of messing about I came across this company and after deliberation I bought a one it’s great simple to fit and it is great to have the clutch leaver return to a natural position each time! the spring device in the head set is the answer to part of my own development! great item much recommend


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