Scootronics Flywheel Review

Scootronics have released a new product. A flywheel. First look, these flywheels look the same as others, but there’s a difference.

The new flywheels from Scootronics are manufactured in India, this is nothing new, most Lambretta flywheels come from India, but Anthony has had them made to his own specifications.

Firstly, there’s two extra inspection slots to check the air gap between the magnet and the poles. A job otherwise impossible. Checking the gap on all the poles can let you know if a crank is twisted. This has never been done on flywheels before.

There’s also a slot made between the fins for Anthony’s external pick-up, which now gives it a nice neat fit.

The flywheels are slightly smaller in diameter so they will fit the Casa Mag Housing. They weight of the flywheel is 2kg.

A point to add: Note that the trigger will slightly affect the balance of the flywheel and Anthony is probably going to offer a fully balanced one in the near future.

One thought on “Scootronics Flywheel Review

  1. Another decent product from the Tambs residents, will probably get this flywheel too go along with his other great products for my Jet200 😁


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