AA Discount

This one’s for those with AA Breakdown cover, but you could apply this to anything.

Up to 25% Discount!

While they don’t advertise a discount for current customers, like many companies, they’ll offer discounts to those giving intention of leaving for a rival company.

My AA payment was defaulted due to a lack of funds and poor money management on my part. When I was informed by my bank that the payment was missed I didn’t realise my AA service had gone up to nearly £19 a month.

I rang them with the view to cancel and look elsewhere. After a short conversation, I was offered a 25% discount on my monthly payments even though I’m already 4 months into my current contract.

So, while it seems the days of bartering may be long gone. It’s still worth asking.

One thought on “AA Discount

  1. I took out personal cover through the AA when changing my car insurance for a reasonable £25. I did notice that it automatically renews which I’m sure the price will sky rocket back up next year. One too watch out for 😉


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