Taylor Tuning Carbon Reeds

A number of people who own the GT186 have had their reeds break. There has been a number of theories as to why, but one cure is to double up on the reeds. Another solution is buy a set from Darrell Taylor of Taylor Tuning. He is supplying reeds for the GT kits.

The standard thickness for the GT reeds is 0.28mm. The Taylor Tuning ones are 0.40mm in carbon fibre for the GT reed Blocks.

Darrell also supplies reeds in different thicknesses and for various reed blocks

You can contact Darrell on the Taylor Tuning FB page

2 thoughts on “Taylor Tuning Carbon Reeds

  1. Always going too be a trade of between different reed thickness. Thin ones give better acceleration but wear out faster especially when going flat out all the time while the thicker ones will loose bottom n midrange grunt but can sustain flat out riding. Be great if they could make a dual stage reeds like you could get for the Ts1 & Imola’s


    1. During the many Reed tests I’ve done from 50cc to 250cc thicker reeds work the opposite way to suggested and give better low/mid rpm acceleration
      Less initial lift at lower rpm gives a smaller opening like the smaller opening does on a dual stage Reed and improves bottom and mid performance but loses a bit of higher rpm power.


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