Classic Bike Festival Ireland 2019

The weekend of 3rd & 4th of August saw the first Classic Bike Festival Ireland at Bishopscourt Race Circuit near Downpatrick, County Down. We (The Ulster Lambretta Club) were invited to display some Lambrettas. The Ulster Lambretta Club members own a range of Lambrettas so the offer was accepted and Friday saw the first Lambrettas arrive for the display. Saturday morning myself, Victor Currie and Gary McClurkin rode down with our tents and some wine.

The early(ish) morning ride down was great with nearly no traffic on the road. We got down early to lend a hand setting up. There wasn’t much to do. Mark McClurkin, Sprouley and others had done the brunt of the work getting the Lambrettas down to Bishopscourt. In attendance was Marty, Mark, Sprouley, Gary, Victor, Karl & his Son, with guest appearance by Conor Wyle. Sue & Dom came over from Darlington as part of their week long trip to Northern Ireland and Ireland.

So, with a couple a couple of Gazebos up the chairs and table up and the display sorted, we took a walk round to see the motorbikes on display, of which there was a lot and a bog collection of bikes owned by racing legend Phillip McCallen. Priceless classics. Race bikes ridden by the likes of the late Joey Dunlop. The display, food bar etc was set up in the middle of the race track and throughout the day the roar of classic bikes was heard as the paddock was a mass of vintage and classic bikes were raced round the track.

By the afternoon the rain came but it didn’t stop the constant flow of people admiring and looking fascinated at the display of our Lambrettas. The appearance of Studs on his custom Lambretta grabbed a good bit of attention with it’s outstanding airbrush work. He stayed for a while before heading on.

Me and Marty got our tents up in the rain and then as the day quietened down we settled round the table with some food and a drop or two of wine and beer. We went over to the bar where some musical entertainment took place, but before long we had crashed out for the night.

Sunday morning started with grey skies and drizzle, but it didn’t take long before the skies cleared and the sun came out. This brought a lot more people to our Lambretta display. Many people were very inquisitive including one Roger Chen from Taiwan. He spends 6 months of the year over her on the road racing and attending bike events on the island of Ireland a great bloke who asked many questions about Lambrettas. Philip Lowry and John Tresadern who’s Turquoise GP was on display called down to visit.

Later in the afternoon, we started packing up and Shane Morrow and his wife Deborah called down to pick up a couple of the Lambrettas, of which one was his own ’68 Special 225.

The ride home was a pleasant ride back, with Marty leading the way until he turned off for his hometown of Ballynahinch. Mark McClurkin was following with a couple of Decy’s Lambrettas on the van and trailer. It wasn’t long before I was back home.

This is the first time for this event, but it is anticipated that the event will take place next year.

The Ulster Lambretta Club Committee would like to thank those who supplied Lambrettas and helped with the display it was a successful event for us.

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