720 DGREE Flasks Review

When you’re riding in the Summer through beautiful countryside along twisty roads seemingly carefree, you can sometimes see the envy from people cocooned in their cars and rightly so, it’s the best feeling in the world. But it’s not always Utopia. It’s foolish to ride in shorts and T-Shirts. Especially when touring. So we don’t always escape the heat. Sometimes it gets very hot. For instance, Riding through France the heat can reach heights that make you feel like your riding gear is going to melt to your skin. Even when it’s bearable, when you stop the heat envelopes you with a claustrophobia that takes your breath away.

So, I always carry a litre of water to hydrate, it’s a must. But when you’ve been riding a few hours, your cool water turns into a warm fluid that’s bloody horrible. So, this year I wanted to find a better option. I wanted something to keep my water cool and my coffee warm. When I’m touring I like a coffee when I’m stopping to admire the views in the middle of nowhere. I wanted something tough. Remember years ago we had the old tartan Thermos with innards that would shatter at the slightest shake. That wouldn’t work on a Lambretta! Thankfully today’s technology has made things stronger.

So I was on the lookout for something leak free & strong, metal would be good.

720 Dgrees is a German company who make a variety of water bottles stainless steel and BPA free plastic and an Eco Friendly company.

I received the noLimit insulated stainless flasks. One 950ml and one 410ml. They both came with two types of tops. One a sports top for quick access. These claimed to keep liquids warm for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours! That’s a bold statement and if true, perfect for my requirements.

They both came well packaged in cardboard boxes and as promised, with extra lids.

For the France trip I would use the 950ml flask to keep the water and the 410ml flask for my coffee. I used the plastic sports lid for the water and the metal screw lid for the coffee. Both lids have clips for support. I used a bicycle bottle holder on my Lambretta for the small flask and an army type Molle bottle holder for the larger flask which I could clip to the luggage for quick and easy access.

For my trip I was to ride through England from Liverpool to Portsmouth, before riding from Le Havre to Albert and Verdun in France. England was pleasant and mild, but not hot. Throughout the days ride I tested the temperatures at different intervals.

The water kept cold all day, but I was expecting different results in France were it was expecting to be hotter. The coffee didn’t stay warm for more than a four hours. To be honest, I didn’t expect the suggested 12 hours but was slightly disappointed at the coffee temperature drop after 3 hours.

After reaching France, the temperatures did indeed rise and by the time I reached Verdun it was very hot. It was to remain hot for the trip. So a good test for the flasks.

Throughout my trip the water stayed consistently cold all day, even the next day I was finding the water cold. It exceeded the 24 hours. Great result and I was more than happy with this. The smaller flask didn’t do so well with keeping the coffee hot to anywhere near the suggested 12 hours. It was only mildly warm after 3-4 hours.

A point to note. I have my coffee black and so I’d expect it to stay hotter longer, but I can and sometimes do drink my coffee when it’s less than lukewarm and so it didn’t bother me. I would like claims to be closer though.

One thing I’d like to add. The large flask has fallen off the Lambretta a couple of times and although dented and scratched, it remains leak free. The only downside is one of lids cracked with the fall and is no longer usable, but as there was two supplied with each flask, I have a spare.

I ride my Lambretta daily and sometimes on longer runs than normal and because of this I continue to use both flasks. I’d definitely recommend the stainless flasks produced by 720 Dgrees.

You can purchase the flasks directly from 720 Dgrees here

You can also purchase their products from Amazon

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