Ulster Lambretta Club – 4 Point Tour 2021

17-19th September 2021

A three day tour of Northern Ireland to the 4 points of North, South, East, West.

Toots Lambretta with the Mourne mountains in the back

Friday 17th

The weather forecast for today was rain, and right on cue, it arrived. When I looked out the window I questioned my sanity, but when it comes to scootering, sanity is never a strong point.

So, at 9 a.m. The Lambretta was packed, waterproofs on and I was ready to go. The 4 mile ride into the city centre was tortuous, with every traffic light at junctions and pedestrian crossings turning red. On my arrival I met fellow club members Philip Steel, Colin Steele (no relation, but there’s doubts) John Johnston, Carl Stanex, and Shane Hunsdale who had came across from England for the trip. We were to meet other members along the way.

Philip, Colin & Carl. Belfast city Centre

First destination was Ballintoy in the North. So off we set, the rain was relentless. Arriving at Doagh we met Club President Stephen Sproule (who kindly volunteered to bring the club back up van).

Further along we were joined by Mark McClurkin, and Toot who was also over from England for the trip. By the time we reached Port Ballintoy we were drenched and we had only done 60 miles. At this point we joined by Victor Currie, Decy McGrath and Gary McClurkin. Next stop was Garrison to the west.

Port Ballintoy

Joining us at Ballymoney were club members Conor Wylie and Studs. We rode through Maghera, Garva, Moneymore, Cookstown As we rode further west, the weather was to clear and by the time we reached Omagh the weather was perfect with the sun shining. the next plan was to try and dry off along the way, so the not-so-waterproof waterproofs came off. Then past Kesh riding past the beautiful Lough Erne. We very briefly crossed the border into Donegal.

By 5.35 p.m. we reached our westerly point of Belleek, then a couple of miles up the road at Garrison we reached our accommodation for the night. It was a trouble free day, with one minor issue with Philip needing a spark plug change, that was it and everyone was happy.

We ventured into the village for dinner and a few pints. An added bonus was Mark McClurkins brother-in-law joining us for a beer.


Mileage for day one: 190

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