Ulster Lambretta Club – 4 Point Tour 2021

Saturday 18th

We all got set for the next stage of the trip which was to lead us across the lower half of Northern Ireland to Newcastle passing the southerly point of Crossmaglen. At this point it was decided too also cross the border into the counties of Monaghan and Cavan. This would mean that we would also have rode the nine counties of Ulster.

Philip Steele’s wonderful Series 2

Today was my turn to lead the group, I’m always happiest to sit at the back and follow the group. It was never going to go well and my stress levels were rising. This was compelled by changing the route to accommodate the nine counties. You’d think the sat nav would make things easier.

So, off we went. The first 5 miles or so we’re great lovely roads with lovely scenery. Then the sat nav decided to make the route a challenge by taking us along single country lanes with grass growing in the middle. These lanes were meant for farmers to move between the fields tending to their agricultural needs. Not a load of Lambrettas and a Transit van. Eventually we reached Crossmaglen. I was near breaking point and my mood dropped. Some might say a bit dramatic, but it’s who I am. I’ve always been easily stressed.


After Crossmaglen we rode alongside Carlingford Lough and over to Newry then stopping at the scenic Rostrevor for Coffee before riding through Kilkeel and Annalong. Then arriving at our accommodation at Newcastle.

The weather today was wonderful with stunning scenery. The was a minor issue with Decy’s exhaust, but that was sorted so Decy could continue the next day.

Scenic Rostrevor

The group were staying at different locations and after a shower and change, we met up in town for a few beers and dinner.

Total mileage for the day was 134.

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