Sena 3S Plus Boom Intercom Headset Review

On my full face helmet I have a Sena Intercom, which I’ve been using successfully for a number of years now. I wanted to use the intercom on my open face helmet, but adding bits and pieces to the outside of the helmet is not aesthetically appealing.

I came across the Sena 3S Plus. Which has an option for open face helmets. There’s two versions. One is the 3S Plus Universal. It has a sleek two button module that sits on the helmet. It’s very thin so it’s not obtrusive like other intercoms.

The other is the 3S Boom for open face helmets. It doesn’t have a module at all. Everything needed is in the mike, which basically consists of two buttons. This is the version I opted for.

In the box you get the Mike, which is connected to the two ear piece’s. There’s two sponges for the Mike (one spare). Two Velcro pads for the ear pieces to stick inside your helmet and an extremely simple instruction leaflet.

Connecting the headset is done by way of the Sena app. It’s very simple. To turn the headset on, you just press the two volume buttons simultaneously, then use either button for volume. To charge the headset, you connect to the USB-C cable to the cable attached to the headset, which you can tuck away inside the helmet.

The only issue I had was that with my helmet, I had to cut out two holes for the ear pieces to fit into. With my other helmet I didn’t have to, so this is not an issue on Sena‘s part. All helmets are different.

So far so good. I’ve tested sound through the speakers and it does what it’s supposed to. I don’t know if it will link to other makes of Sena headsets.

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