GPS Speedo

Like many Lambretta owners, the standard Speedo’s are rarely reliable and the one my Series 1 is no different. I’ve just rebuilt the engine with a cast iron Gori kit, so I’d like to track mileage as well as speeds.

I don’t want to add anything modern, even a SIP Speedo that keeps the looks. (I haven’t had much joy setting these up in the past). So, I thought my best option would be a simple GPS Speedo that didn’t need wiring and was easily removable. After looking around the internet I found a CYCPLUS on Amazon which I ended up ordering.

It comes with a curved base with looks into place with the Speedo and hooks for the bands which wrap round the headset and a charger cable for the internal battery as well as a manual.

The Speedo has a number of displays for current, average and top Speeds. There’s also time, odometer, distance, and altitude. So plenty to be checking. Once you get off your Lambretta, you easily detach the Speedo from its locking position.

I’ve had a couple of runs with it and it seems good, with an easily viewable display with a backlight. Each time you switch it off, the current settings reset, but are recorded to total times.

As with most cheap items from the far east, quality can vary and this speedo’s primary use is for bicycles, so use on a Lambretta May effect it’s life. It’s charged by an internal 600 mAh battery which the manual says has 20 hours “endurance”. I doubt it’ll work for that long, but we’ll see how it goes and I’ll report back at a later date.

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