Hot and Bothered

Day 4 and I left Dunkirk early and headed to Nieuwpoort, the starting point of the Western Front. I made a number of stops at various locations including Vladslo German Cemetery, Ypres, Tyne Cot Cemetery, The weather was very hot and in the afternoon it was almost too much when making the stops.

The Island of Ireland Peace Park, Christmas Truce Memorialat Ploegsteert among others. Had a couple of issues with the Lambretta including electrics and a dead battery that won’t charge.


On Tuesday 26th I arrived at Alan Terry’s in Nuneaton. Spent a couple of hours checking the Lambretta over and then back to the Terry household for a dinner by Als lovely wife Jo.

I left just after 7pm and got to my B and B at Oxford around 9pm. I got up early today and headed to Dover for the ferry. I made really good time and I was so early I ended up on the 4pm ferry to Dunkirk. One night early.

Tomorrow is the first proper day of the trip. With a busy schedule.

Riding The Western Front



If everything goes to plan. Monday 25th June 2018 I will be boarding the Belfast to Liverpool boat to do myWestern Front Run on my Lambretta, where I’ll be riding to Dover. Then riding from Dunkirk in France up to Nieuwpoort in Belgium and on to Pfetterhouse in France by the border with Switzerland.

This was the Western Front of the First Worl War, home for millions, who for many, would end their lives would end here and today they are still there.

This is my way of remembering all those who played their part in The Great War. Of which my Grandfather was one. Alexander Shaw of The Argyll & Southerland Highlanders. He survived the war but not without scars, physically and Mentally.
I’ll also be stopping at the places the War took my Grandfather too.

Under Panel Battery Tray

Last year I fitted a toolbox under the rear side panel. (You can read about it here).


It carried a couple of bottles of oil and a couple of bits to France. When I got back one of the supports had snapped on the box, but it still held.

When I stripped the LI for an all-over service, I wanted to remove the battery from the legshield toolbox and move it to the back of the Lambretta. Dave Mayo May who has an FB page LamFab Scooter Fabrications. supplied his version of a battery tray for under the side panel.

It comes in Stainless Steel, in two parts. That means you don’t have to unbolt it from the frame strut to remove the tray for wheel changes etc. There’s a thumb screw that holds the tray to the support. (I used a bit of Loctite for added security). There’s also a Velcro strap and two Nyloc nuts & bolts, which bolt it to the rear frame strut.

You also get some sticky backed foam padding to absorb any rattle from the battery.


As with all these rear fitting trays. Always make sure there’s clearance from the rear hub.

It’s been fitted for a while now and there have been no issues at all.


Airhawk Comfort Seat

The official wording is Airhawk Comfort Seating System. Some might just say it’s a cushion. Whatever you want to call it, it gets a lot of positive and very little negative feedback. I usually get by ok with the single saddles on my Lambretta, but for longer distances, like a lot of seats it can get uncomfortable.


I received mine from SLUK UK in time for my trip to France last summer, so I was hoping for a good result as the trip was going to exceed 1,000 miles.

There are different versions with different shapes made to suit the seat on your scooter or bike. I got the medium cruiser for my single saddle.


The cushion uses something Airhawk call Air Cell Technology, which basically is a number of air pockets connected to evenly distribute the air into the cushion supporting and spreading your weight evenly over the whole area.

Including is the cushion itself with a zipped cover that has a non-slip base and a couple of straps to connect it to the seat.


For the best comfort for getting comfortable, you don’t just fill it with air using the valve. I went ahead and inflated the bladder, but then let out a small amount at a time until I got to the right point. This is usually when the cushion is deflated to the point, to where your bum is just off touching the seat of the scooter. Take a number of short journeys until you find the right inflation point.

It’ll feel a bit odd at first, but this is usually because it’s over inflated, but once you get the right point, you’ll not look back. It really is superb and an essential requirement, not just for the long runs. I use it for shorter trips and it merits its use.


After the trip, apart from the usual aches and pains associated with riding all day. The Airhawk made a huge difference with no pain of the arse! It’ll be on my Lambretta for my tour through England, France, Belgium and Switzerland this summer.

Click here for the range of Airhawk Cushions on SLUK