From Accrington To The Somme – Remembering Private Harry Bloor of The Accrington Pals.

In July I left Belfast for The Somme in France. I was retracing the steps took by Harry Bloor. Harry served in the Accrington Pals in World War One and took part in The Battle of The Somme.  Harry survived the war and in 1935 he rode his motorbike to The Somme and the Front Line at Serre where he visited the graves of his fallen comrades.

My trip was published by SLUK Scooter Labs UK and links to the four parts can be found below.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

JB Fabrication Lambretta Engine Test Stand

This is the Lambretta Engine Test Bed made by Jon Betts at JB Fabrication.


The frame is painted black and comes in three parts, which fit together with the four supplied nuts, bolts and washers. You also get a bottle for the fuel supply which has an on/off tap and hose included that sits in a holder on the frame.

The welding is very neat and the metal is more than strong enough to hold a Lambretta engine.


If you have a spare headset that you’re not using, the raised bar that supports the fuel bottle is the right dimension to support one, but it’s not a requirement.


It may not be an essential item of Lambretta equipment, but if you find yourself building an engine and no spare chassis to try it on, it will save a lot of bother and time having to swap engines. Even if you do have a frame waiting for the engine. It’s an easier way of testing an engine before fitting. An example being, If you find an issue that needs the top end stripping, it’s a hell of a lot easier to do with the engine out the Lambretta.

There’s really not much to it and it’s very easy to put together. Just attach the CDI, fill the bottle with fuel and fire up the engine.

Jon, makes various parts and tools for Lambrettas. He can be contacted on his Facebook page.

JB Fabrication Facebook Page