GPS Speedo

Like many Lambretta owners, the standard Speedo’s are rarely reliable and the one my Series 1 is no different. I’ve just rebuilt the engine with a cast iron Gori kit, so I’d like to track mileage as well as speeds.

I don’t want to add anything modern, even a SIP Speedo that keeps the looks. (I haven’t had much joy setting these up in the past). So, I thought my best option would be a simple GPS Speedo that didn’t need wiring and was easily removable. After looking around the internet I found a CYCPLUS on Amazon which I ended up ordering.

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France 2019 Run to Verdun. Part Five & Conclusion

Day 10: Wednesday 10th July
This was my last day in France, riding the road back to Le Havre. I didn’t mind. It was a lovely road with great scenery. That is if you plan the right road. I did notice that on the way down when I took the road to Albert last week, it wasn’t the road I’d took a couple of years ago. So before I left Amiens I got the Sat Nav out while I had my morning coffee. I realised the route was different and it was a less interesting road back. Unsure of correcting the route, I decided to stick with what I had and left Amiens for Le Havre. It was only 100 miles or so. No rush. If I get bored I could possibly reroute myself.

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France 19 Run to Verdun.Part Four

Day 8: Monday 8th July
I had planned the trip well, too well. I had accomplished all of my visits with only two left to do on the Monday. My last day in Verdun with spare time. So I got out my maps and looked up places to visit that would be in the vicinity of my plans. I didn’t want to go too far or do too much. Tomorrow I was riding back north. I found a place called Eparges about 3o miles south east of Verdun. This would tie in nicely for my days tour.

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