AA Discount

This one’s for those with AA Breakdown cover, but you could apply this to anything.

Up to 25% Discount!

While they don’t advertise a discount for current customers, like many companies, they’ll offer discounts to those giving intention of leaving for a rival company.

My AA payment was defaulted due to a lack of funds and poor money management on my part. When I was informed by my bank that the payment was missed I didn’t realise my AA service had gone up to nearly £19 a month.

I rang them with the view to cancel and look elsewhere. After a short conversation, I was offered a 25% discount on my monthly payments even though I’m already 4 months into my current contract.

So, while it seems the days of bartering may be long gone. It’s still worth asking.

Scootronics Flywheel Review

Scootronics have released a new product. A flywheel. First look, these flywheels look the same as others, but there’s a difference.

The new flywheels from Scootronics are manufactured in India, this is nothing new, most Lambretta flywheels come from India, but Anthony has had them made to his own specifications.

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Riding The Western Front 2018: Epilogue


So this was to be a trip along the Western Front on the 100th Anniversary of the end of The First World War. It wasn’t my first trip abroad by Lambretta, but it was the biggest I’d done. It wasn’t just the long mileage, but planning the stops and stays in the right places en route had to be taken into consideration and trying to plan the visits at important places that were relevant.

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