Engine Build #1

Back in 2004 I started a 225 engine for the Lowrider. It’s been run in the Lowrider the LI and the GP. It’s currently being set up as a spare for the LI. It’s a V1 Mugello Stage 5 Tuned by Cambridge Lambretta Workshops.

Here’s some pictures of the build.

The polished casing

The Mugello kit after it was tuned.


A DJ pipe (copy). I sent this to Jahspeed to fit a slip joint


I tapped out all the threads on the casing before Inserted the studs.

Fitting the mounts by heating the casing first.

Put in the crank and then fitting the front sprocket.

Got this Layshaft from Cambridge Lambretta Workshops. Extremely good quality.


In went the LI150 Gearbox


The clutch in the Mugello 225 was just a standard 4 plate version that never let me down.


Top end on and setting the correct squish.


This was the engine finished. The DJ copy exhaust eventually disintegrated. I then used a JL3 from Cambridge Lambretta Workshops. I was due to take the exhaust off for an overhaul, but a trip up to North Belfast and some very rough road wrecked the u-bend. So I then went on to use a Taffspeed copy. It lasted better, but eventually it cracked around the u-bend.

I’ve no idea how many miles I’ve done, but it’s was used daily and on rideouts and rallies. I’ve just rebuilt it with a AF Race Cassette Clutch and a Stainless Devtour.