France 2019 Run to Verdun. Part Five & Conclusion

Day 10: Wednesday 10th July
This was my last day in France, riding the road back to Le Havre. I didn’t mind. It was a lovely road with great scenery. That is if you plan the right road. I did notice that on the way down when I took the road to Albert last week, it wasn’t the road I’d took a couple of years ago. So before I left Amiens I got the Sat Nav out while I had my morning coffee. I realised the route was different and it was a less interesting road back. Unsure of correcting the route, I decided to stick with what I had and left Amiens for Le Havre. It was only 100 miles or so. No rush. If I get bored I could possibly reroute myself.

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France 19 Run to Verdun.Part Four

Day 8: Monday 8th July
I had planned the trip well, too well. I had accomplished all of my visits with only two left to do on the Monday. My last day in Verdun with spare time. So I got out my maps and looked up places to visit that would be in the vicinity of my plans. I didn’t want to go too far or do too much. Tomorrow I was riding back north. I found a place called Eparges about 3o miles south east of Verdun. This would tie in nicely for my days tour.

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France 19 Run To Verdun. Part Three

Day 6: Saturday 6th July
Waking up, I had the view of a blue sky out of my window on my first day in Verdun. The forecast was for sunshine. I had planned to spend most of the day at the forts and surrounding sights on the eastern edge of Verdun. My only concern was that being a Saturday, it might be too busy. So I did have a back up plan that would mean swapping visits around with Sundays plan. I had been to some of these sights before when I came here last year, but as I was passing through, I didn’t stay long and missed some of the sights and so this was going to be a more thorough visit.

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France 19 Run to Verdun. Part Two

Day Four: Thursday 4rd July
I slept well and woke at six am to the sound of the ships Captain telling us how wonderful our trip was going to be. I hoped he was right. I gathered up my belongings and headed down to the vehicle deck and to my Lambretta. We watched the crew fix the ramps and the clatter of them being put in place did a good job of making sure I was awake.

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France 19 Run to Verdun. Part One

For a few years now, I’ve been riding my Lambretta to the Western Front (the First World War battle front through Belgium & France). This was instigated by my older Brother who’s been researching and studying The First World War and particularly our Grandfather, who fought with the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders on The Western Front for s long as I can remember.

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