AA Discount

This one’s for those with AA Breakdown cover, but you could apply this to anything.

Up to 25% Discount!

While they don’t advertise a discount for current customers, like many companies, they’ll offer discounts to those giving intention of leaving for a rival company.

My AA payment was defaulted due to a lack of funds and poor money management on my part. When I was informed by my bank that the payment was missed I didn’t realise my AA service had gone up to nearly £19 a month.

I rang them with the view to cancel and look elsewhere. After a short conversation, I was offered a 25% discount on my monthly payments even though I’m already 4 months into my current contract.

So, while it seems the days of bartering may be long gone. It’s still worth asking.

The Complete Spanners Manual: Lambretta Scooters 3rd Edition by Martin “Sticky” Round Review

Back in the olden days, in a time when we lived with 3 TV channels, the fear of nuclear war and metal dustbins, trying to solve a scooter problem, you would usually have to phone a friend from the house phone, bodge it or guess how to fix it. When it was fixed, we had to run the gauntlet with the local bikers and casuals and relied on hope to keep our motors running. The good old, bad old days.

Thankfully, time and technology have moved on and one of the greatest resources is the Internet. It’s a remarkable source of information to help solve carburettor problems, engine builds and restorations. It’s still not always the answer though. Some forums and Facebook groups can end up giving you a multiple choice of answers, including the wrong advice and ruin all your hard work.

The first edition from 2004

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Check Your Nuts!

Maintenance and the usual checks are usually essential on a Lambretta. Gearbox oil, cables, tyre tread and air pressure, carburetor, spark plug, petrol flow, filters, connections, the list goes on, but have you ever been complacent when everything seems to be ticking along nicely without a worry? Have you ever got lazy when checking for the simple things like the wheel nuts? I have, a lot. About a week before I was heading to France for my Western Front Run I “dodged a bullet”.

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