150 to 200 Engine Case Conversion

With Indian 200 engine casings costing  around £340 getting a 125/150 casing converted to a 200 is an alternative worth considering.

I sent one of my casings to Oiltek for converting and asked to have the casing Vapour Blasted and to check of the threads of all the studs.

The casing was as expected for being around 50 years old.

Turnaround is approximately 8 weeks, but you need to contact Oiltek beforehand as they get them done in batches.

When I sent mine I printed the instructions as well as address and contact details. This makes things easier. Oiltek did tell me they get some casings sent with no contact details or instructions. This is obviously going to delay matters.

My casing came back today Vapour Blasted and one timesert thread repair done and the 200 conversion done. My TS1 will be used with this and it’ll be going into the GP.

Visit Oiltek’s website for further information and contact details.

Power Jet

Back in January 2012 I penned the in depth review below of a Power Jet

“Here sits a Power Jet. It will be going in a Dellorto 30mm Carburettor that will go on the TS1225. Having this little toy bolted to the carb means you can instantly adjust the carb for the conditions your riding in with a wee twiddle of the dial.”

You can purchase these from Cambridge Lambretta Workshops here.