GPS Speedo

Like many Lambretta owners, the standard Speedo’s are rarely reliable and the one my Series 1 is no different. I’ve just rebuilt the engine with a cast iron Gori kit, so I’d like to track mileage as well as speeds.

I don’t want to add anything modern, even a SIP Speedo that keeps the looks. (I haven’t had much joy setting these up in the past). So, I thought my best option would be a simple GPS Speedo that didn’t need wiring and was easily removable. After looking around the internet I found a CYCPLUS on Amazon which I ended up ordering.

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720 DGREE Flasks Review

When you’re riding in the Summer through beautiful countryside along twisty roads seemingly carefree, you can sometimes see the envy from people cocooned in their cars and rightly so, it’s the best feeling in the world. But it’s not always Utopia. It’s foolish to ride in shorts and T-Shirts. Especially when touring. So we don’t always escape the heat. Sometimes it gets very hot. For instance, Riding through France the heat can reach heights that make you feel like your riding gear is going to melt to your skin. Even when it’s bearable, when you stop the heat envelopes you with a claustrophobia that takes your breath away.

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Scootronics AC Regulator Review

Some months ago, Anthony Tambs of Scootronics released a new version of the regulator. Many of these products may already exist in one format or another but the quality of the Scootronics is like night and day. The Scootronics Regulator was released in January. It’s 120 Watt AC Regulator with regulated DC output.

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Scootronics Flywheel Review

Scootronics have released a new product. A flywheel. First look, these flywheels look the same as others, but there’s a difference.

The new flywheels from Scootronics are manufactured in India, this is nothing new, most Lambretta flywheels come from India, but Anthony has had them made to his own specifications.

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