Lambretta Fixings List

Here is the fixing reference for just about every nut & bolt for the Lambretta courtesy of Dapper. (Originally posted March 2010 on the old blog)

LAMBRETTA fixings list
1. Horn Casting

M5 x 10mm Pan Head Slotted Screw (2 Required)
M6 x 18mm Allen Head Screw + 2x6mm Conical Washers (2 Sets Required)
M5 x 20mm Countersunk Oval Slotted Screw + Finishing Washer (2 Sets Required)
M5 x 16mm Hex Head Bolt + 5mm Large Diameter Conical Washer (2 Sets Required)
M4 x 10mm Countersunk Oval Head Slotted Screw (Oval is optional, just looks better) (2 Required)

2. Front Mudguard

M5 x 25mm Countersunk Flat Top Slotted Screw + 5mm Nut, 5mm Conical Washer (2 Sets Required)
M5 x 20mm Countersunk Oval Slotted Screw + Finishing Washer, 5mm Nut, 5mm Conical Washer (2 Sets Required)

3. Floor Set inc. Bridge Plate

M4 x 10mm Pan Head Screw + 4mm Speed Nut, and
M4 x 20mm Pan Head Screw + 4mm Nut, 4mm Large Diameter Washer
M4 x 10mm Pan Head Screw + 4mm Speed Nut (2 Sets required)
(In lieu of speed nuts, you can use plain nuts and washers)
M4 x 20mm Countersunk Oval Slotted Screw + 4mm Nuts, 4mm Washers (4 Sets Required)
M4 x 25mm Countersunk Oval Slotted Screw + 4 mm Nuts, 4mm Large Diameter Washers (2 Sets Required)
M4 x 10 Countersunk Oval Slotted Screw = Finishing Nut (2 Sets Required)
14 x 5mm Nuts
14 x 5mm Conical Washers
10 x 5mm Speed Nuts
M5 x 25 Countersunk Oval Slotted Screw + 5mm Nut, 5mm Conical Washer

4. Dual Seat

M8 x 25mm Hex Head Bolt + 8mm Nut, 8mm Washer (8 Sets Required)
4 x 8mm Flat Metal Washer
Large Diameter 8mm Plastic Washer. (4 Required)

5. Frame ‘L’ Bracket

M7 x 20mm Hex Head Bolt + 7mm Nut, 7mm Conical Washer (2 Sets Required)

6. Engine Cowlings

M5 x 10mm Slotted Hex Head Bolt + 5mm Lock Washer (7 Required)
M8 x 14mm Hex Head Bolt + 8mm Conical Washer (1 Required)

7. Headset

M5 x 40mm Countersunk Oval Slotted Screw + 5mm Countersunk Internal Lock Washer (2 Sets Required)
M6 x 10mm Countersunk Oval Slotted Screw (2 Required)
M3 x 20mm Countersunk Oval Machine Screw (Philips Head) (4 Required)
M3 x 22mm Countersunk Flat Slotted Screw (2 Required)

Cutting Holes

In March 2010 I needed to cut a couple of holes in the legshield toolbox for a water temperature gauge and a EGT gauge

I had to cut two holes in the top for the water temperature gauge & the EGT gauge. In the past I’d mark a hole and drill lots of small holes around the mark, drill out larger holes. Then filing the edges until it was neat and tidy. This can sometimes take a while.

I got a hold of a 52mm Q Max hole cutter and went about cutting the two holes. In no time at all I had two perfect holes with no rough or sharp edges and no filings anywhere. They can be purchased from any number of online retailers.

Spark Plug Socket & Holder

Back in May 2012 I wrote on my old blog about receiving a couple of items from what was then MB Developments, but are now MB Scooters.

While on the road doing plug chops, removing and refitting the spark plug can be a fiddle. The spark plug socket is one of the handiest tools to have on the road. No chunky spark plug spanner and no burnt fingers trying to remove the plug, made easy with a knurled surface. It has a 13mm hexagon head so all you need is a 13mm spanner or socket and that’s it. I’d never go without it.


At the same time in 2012 I bought a spark plug holder. A little red container with a pop off cap to keep the spare spark plug protected and dry in the toolbox. As with the plug socket, I always have it on the Lambretta carrying a spare plug.


Engine Build #1

Back in 2004 I started a 225 engine for the Lowrider. It’s been run in the Lowrider the LI and the GP. It’s currently being set up as a spare for the LI. It’s a V1 Mugello Stage 5 Tuned by Cambridge Lambretta Workshops.

Here’s some pictures of the build.

The polished casing

The Mugello kit after it was tuned.


A DJ pipe (copy). I sent this to Jahspeed to fit a slip joint


I tapped out all the threads on the casing before Inserted the studs.

Fitting the mounts by heating the casing first.

Put in the crank and then fitting the front sprocket.

Got this Layshaft from Cambridge Lambretta Workshops. Extremely good quality.


In went the LI150 Gearbox


The clutch in the Mugello 225 was just a standard 4 plate version that never let me down.


Top end on and setting the correct squish.


This was the engine finished. The DJ copy exhaust eventually disintegrated. I then used a JL3 from Cambridge Lambretta Workshops. I was due to take the exhaust off for an overhaul, but a trip up to North Belfast and some very rough wrecked the u-bend. So I then went on to use a Taffspeed copy. It lasted better, but eventully it cracked around the u-bend.

I’ve no idea how many miles I’ve done, but it’s was used daily and on rideouts and rallies. I’ve just rebuilt it with a AF Race Cassette Clutch and a Stainless Devtour.





Power Jet

Back in January 2012 I penned the in depth review below of a Power Jet

“Here sits a Power Jet. It will be going in a Dellorto 30mm Carburettor that will go on the TS1225. Having this little toy bolted to the carb means you can instantly adjust the carb for the conditions your riding in with a wee twiddle of the dial.”

You can purchase these from Cambridge Lambretta Workshops here.