Side Panel Toolbox/Oil Carrier

When we head out on our Lambrettas, be it a Sunday blast up country roads or a
weekend rally. Free space is always a hard thing to find as we pack for almost every eventuality. Especially if it’s a European run.

Sometimes a legshield toolbox and the original Lambretta toolbox isn’t enough. When you’re running a tuned engine, you can get through a fair amount of 2 Stroke oil. So this alone can take up space that could be used for something like tools.

These toolboxes seem to have two names, Oil Carrier or Side Panel Toolbox.


For a while now a number of people have been making these toolboxes. Almost to the same specifications with fitting being almost identical.

Mine came from someone on Facebook who had them made by Resto Shack.


So, with the box itself, you get a bracket that attaches to the top left number plate screw. I have plastic number plate screws, so I swapped it over for a metal bolt. You get the screws for fixing the bracket to the box and the screws for fixing the box to the rear frame strut.

A couple of things to note. once you have the toolbox attached to the frame. you need to make sure there’s clearance from the hub. This can be achieved correctly by removing the rear shock absorber to check the gap from toolbox to hub. Secondly, it’s a snug fit so to maximise space and the box may touch the side panel. Mine does, but I do believe my panels are out of shape and although I’ve not heard this from anyone else, it is always worthwhile checking for clearance.


Tubes & Tyres & a Drop of Goop

I’m always a bit nervous about my tyres. I’ve had a few punctures in the past with one blowout throwing me down the duel carriageway at approximately 60mph and with roads getting such heavy use and many hazards for the Scooterist, we need as much help as we can get. So nowadays I try to use the best inner tubes & tyres I can get my hands on. For inner tubes I’m using Maypol from Just Lambretta, which have the valve off set from the centre and the valve itself is at an angle that means it will clear the fork link bolt.

The tyres I’m using are Michelin City Grip Winter. According to Michelin It has a 62mph speed rating and have a fast warm up with grip for fresh or melting snow.


Lastly, I add Goop. I’ve used it for a number of years now and I’ve had no tyre or inner tube malfunctions or mishaps. I check the tyres regularly and they hold their pressure well.



Lambretta Fixings List

Here is the fixing reference for just about every nut & bolt for the Lambretta courtesy of Dapper. (Originally posted March 2010 on the old blog)

LAMBRETTA fixings list
1. Horn Casting

M5 x 10mm Pan Head Slotted Screw (2 Required)
M6 x 18mm Allen Head Screw + 2x6mm Conical Washers (2 Sets Required)
M5 x 20mm Countersunk Oval Slotted Screw + Finishing Washer (2 Sets Required)
M5 x 16mm Hex Head Bolt + 5mm Large Diameter Conical Washer (2 Sets Required)
M4 x 10mm Countersunk Oval Head Slotted Screw (Oval is optional, just looks better) (2 Required)

2. Front Mudguard

M5 x 25mm Countersunk Flat Top Slotted Screw + 5mm Nut, 5mm Conical Washer (2 Sets Required)
M5 x 20mm Countersunk Oval Slotted Screw + Finishing Washer, 5mm Nut, 5mm Conical Washer (2 Sets Required)

3. Floor Set inc. Bridge Plate

M4 x 10mm Pan Head Screw + 4mm Speed Nut, and
M4 x 20mm Pan Head Screw + 4mm Nut, 4mm Large Diameter Washer
M4 x 10mm Pan Head Screw + 4mm Speed Nut (2 Sets required)
(In lieu of speed nuts, you can use plain nuts and washers)
M4 x 20mm Countersunk Oval Slotted Screw + 4mm Nuts, 4mm Washers (4 Sets Required)
M4 x 25mm Countersunk Oval Slotted Screw + 4 mm Nuts, 4mm Large Diameter Washers (2 Sets Required)
M4 x 10 Countersunk Oval Slotted Screw = Finishing Nut (2 Sets Required)
14 x 5mm Nuts
14 x 5mm Conical Washers
10 x 5mm Speed Nuts
M5 x 25 Countersunk Oval Slotted Screw + 5mm Nut, 5mm Conical Washer

4. Dual Seat

M8 x 25mm Hex Head Bolt + 8mm Nut, 8mm Washer (8 Sets Required)
4 x 8mm Flat Metal Washer
Large Diameter 8mm Plastic Washer. (4 Required)

5. Frame ‘L’ Bracket

M7 x 20mm Hex Head Bolt + 7mm Nut, 7mm Conical Washer (2 Sets Required)

6. Engine Cowlings

M5 x 10mm Slotted Hex Head Bolt + 5mm Lock Washer (7 Required)
M8 x 14mm Hex Head Bolt + 8mm Conical Washer (1 Required)

7. Headset

M5 x 40mm Countersunk Oval Slotted Screw + 5mm Countersunk Internal Lock Washer (2 Sets Required)
M6 x 10mm Countersunk Oval Slotted Screw (2 Required)
M3 x 20mm Countersunk Oval Machine Screw (Philips Head) (4 Required)
M3 x 22mm Countersunk Flat Slotted Screw (2 Required)