Lambretta External Pick Up by Scootronics

Setting the timing isn’t rocket science but it can be a bit of a pain having to remove the flywheel to keep adjusting the stator plate to get the desired firing point at the correct degree interval.

I know I’m guilty in the past of messing about fiddling to set the stator and by the third or fourth time of removing the flywheel, I’ve said “That’s close enough” and I know others have too!

Now Anthony Tambs of Scootronics has made an external pick up. Which means adjusting the timing can be done without removing the flywheel.

Fitting is really easy. There’s a hole to drill and tap into the flywheel and 3 holes to drill into the Magneto Housing of which you tap a thread into two of. Then you swap the Pick up wire connection from the stator with the new one from the external pick up. Full easy to follow instructions are available from Anthony.

I’ve had the Lambretta out and about in the city and up the carriageway for prolonged spells and it’s not missing a beat. I’ve checked fitment and it’s on firm. Anthony suggests using Loctite to help keep the pick up in place which is common practice for many Lambretta fixings and I personally use it almost everywhere!

A point of reference. After I first fitted the pick up, I couldn’t start the engine. There was no spark. If you look in the photo below, you’ll see the gap which was too big. Anthony said it should be between 1 mm & 3 mm, but not any closer as you have to allow for slight movement of the flywheel. Move the flywheel by hand a couple of rotations just to check


Instructions are available from Anthony in PDF format.


  • Anthony has made another external pick up available. The added version comes with built in 6 Degree linear retard.
  • He has made a modification to the pick up bracket. These have the pick up fitting closer to the flywheel, just to give the trigger bracket some extra clearance from the flywheel cowling.
  •  The company name is now Scootronics

For further details contact; Tel: 07971475134


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