AF Mammoth Head and Taylor Tuned TS1

This week I was pleased to get my TS1225 barrel and crank back from Darrell Taylor @ Taylor Tuning. Darrell has done a light tour tune.

Before porting the barrel Darrell degreased and sonic cleaned the cylinder and it looks like new.

Along with upgrading the 60mm crank Rod for Yamaha 11omm version, he has drilled and pegged the barrel for fitment of a Mammoth Head from AF Rayspeed.

This is for engine #3 TS1 230

The Mammoth Head from AF Rayspeed is designed to help reduce the Lambretta running temperatures. This is achieved by the increase in size of the head.
AF Rayspeed say that the Mammoth head will increase the cooling capacity and have an increased resistance to quick temperature fluctuation.

The head has a M4.5 threaded placement for a SIP/KOSO CHT sensor.

As stated earlier, there are two dowel positions drilled for better head to barrel alignment.

The Mammoth Head is available for other capacity sized Lambretta engines 66mm for standard 200cc and also RB20. 70mm for  225cc and 72mm for 250cc.

Along with the Mammoth Head there are fitting instructions.

I will update with information once the engine is up and running.


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